Bravery Boxes – turning children’s tears into smiles

We all have our bad days, and sometimes it can be difficult to put our own problems into perspective. But there are always people worse off than ourselves, such as children with life-threatening diseases undergoing painful treatment in hospitals around the world.

That’s why here at RNTO, we have decided to support the good work a very special Russian charity does to bring a little joy and lift the spirits of children who need it most.

Thousands of young patients are currently undergoing life-saving hospital treatment, so to brighten up their day, we’ve teamed up with the Dadobro charity.

We do this by filling up “Bravery Boxes” with toys, which are then transferred to children's hospitals in Russian cities such as Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. Each time a child undergoes an unpleasant or painful procedure, they can choose a favourite toy from these colourful boxes.

There are many children across Russia who need our support to help them through their treatment, and we frequently need to replenish the boxes in our offices we use for collecting toys. You can take part as well, because each time you purchase one of our great-value tours, we will donate £10 to buy toys to fill up our Bravery Boxes. And when they’re full, we ship them out for distribution to youngsters battling a wide range of diseases and conditions across Russia.

For hygiene and safety reasons, only new toys (in their packaging) can be included in the boxes. And we don’t include cuddly toys, as household dust can cause allergies in children. Before sending them, the toys are carefully sorted and treated with a steriliser.

If we’re to continue turning children’s tears into smiles, we need to ensure that our Bravery Boxes are never empty. Thanks to our customers, we’ll continue to bring a little happiness into the lives of children in Russian hospitals. So next time you’re enjoying the many delights this fascinating country has to offer on one of our fantastic tours, you can give yourself a pat on the back, safe in the knowledge that your holiday is helping make some brave little boy or girl’s life a little easier to bear.