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History of the Aeroflot Russia Airline Company

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Russia’s Civil Air Fleet was established back in February 1923.
During those early post-war years, aviation in Europe turned to more peaceful purposes: transporting passengers, mail and cargo. Like most European countries, Russia wanted to build relations with foreign countries. Air travel was an obvious candidate.
In the 1930s, the aircraft industry grew rapidly, and on 25 February 1932, the General Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet was established, and the civil aviation sector officially adopted the title “Aeroflot” (ie “air fleet”).
During World War II, Aeroflot pilots defended the Motherland with great professionalism and courage. But even during those difficult years, the airline continued operating regular passenger flights on international routes.
Since the war, the development of international air travel has been dramatic. In August 1959, Sheremetyevo Airport opened in Moscow to help maintain the through-flow of international flights.
In 1980, Aeroflot was named as a general carrier for participants in the XXII Olympic Games, held in Moscow. A new international airport terminal, Sheremetyevo-2, was specially built to welcome athletes and guests from all over the world.
In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, former Soviet republics and Russian regions created their own airlines. But despite the competition, Aeroflot has maintained its position as the largest air carrier in Russia, operating flights to 95 destinations in 48 countries while paying special attention to its presence in the Russian market, especially in Siberia and the Far East.
Aeroflot’s share of the world’s air traffic market is 1.7%, and the company’s foreign revenue accounts for 57% of its currency earnings. Flights between Russia and Germany represent the largest volume of all the carrier’s international transport communications. Over recent years, with around 60 flights a week, Aeroflot has offered roughly the same capacity as that provided by the German and American air carriers.
Aeroflot is an airline with an excellent safety record and a reputation for industry-leading customer service. The company does not compromise when it comes to safety and security, and there is no doubting the technical condition of its aircraft and the training of its pilots. Recognising the importance of being responsive to customer needs in today’s ever more competitive air travel sector, Aeroflot constantly encourages its customers to offer suggestions for improving service levels. As a result, several innovations have been introduced over recent years, such as improvements in the level of onboard entertainment, more varied menus and so on.
As Russia’s national air carrier, Aeroflot is committed to further improving its safety and regularity, levels of passenger service and, hence, competitiveness. We look forward to welcoming you on board!
Recent achievements and awards:
  • Europe's Leading Airline - Business Class 2018
  • Europe's Leading Airline Brand 2018
  • Europe's Leading Airline to Asia 2018
  • World's Leading Airline Brand 2017
  • Europe's Leading Airline - Business Class 2017
  • Europe's Leading Airline Brand 2017

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