Tracking the Amur Tiger in Russia’s Far East

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Tracking the Amur Tiger in Russia’s Far East

This tour is a unique opportunity to observe the endangered Amur Tiger in its natural habitat. See for yourself what’s being done to support the tiger population in Russia’s Far East.


During this expeditionary tour, you will get acquainted with the Amur Tiger, one of the largest land predators on the planet and rarest subspecies of tigers listed in the Red Book. The Amur Tiger is the only one of its type which can live in snowy regions, and is the largest predator among the tiger subspecies.


The Amur Tiger can weigh 200 – 250 kg, is more than 1 metre tall and its body can reach 3 metres or even longer. In comparison with the Amur Tiger, Chinese and Sumatran tigers are relatively small - the weight of these adult males rarely exceeds 130 kg. Siberian tigers are second by weight only to polar and brown bears.


You will have an opportunity to visit the paths where tigers prowl their domain, see the marks they leave on trees, and learn how they use them to mark their territory and assert their dominance. You will visit the den where a female tiger produces cubs once every three years. You can also feed and monitor the tiger population, setting up your own personal camera trap to take a unique shot of these magnificent animals. You can also learn about the lives of the indigenous people of Russia’s Far East, watch their rituals and taste the local cuisine.


We invite you to discover the lives of hunters and fishermen, and visit their winter huts where you can stay overnight if you wish. It’s a great way to experience what it’s like to be a real hunter!

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