Restaurants in Saint-Petersburg

Restaurants in Saint-Petersburg

Russian Story


About the most delicious Russian food


As you open a menu of the Tsar restaurant, you are invited to start a journey back to the 18th century; every dish has a fascinating history. Everyone can feel as a happy Russian there, and more than that: like a Russian Tsar. Palace interior feels homely and the service is white-glove impeccable. Here traditional Russian food will taste just right, from heavenly Bortsch soup to famous caviar and vodka shots. Evening live music performances add to the experience – we can surely say that a visit to Tsar can make your day.



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Restaurant Palkin is a local landmark as it has been welcoming guests since the 18th century under different owners and the glorious tradition of hospitality continues to our days. The restaurant offers a unique opportunity to get immersed in a Russian aristocracy’s life style with a grand fireplace hall, exquisite play of chandelier lights and gourmet dining. The waiters are polite and formal but not at all stuffy and the food is so delicious that it almost brings tears of joy to your eyes. Overall, it is an outstanding experience worth having at least once when you are in Russia.



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Probably every Russian has the fondest memories of their grandmothers’ homes, the way the babushka’s cook and the way their heart gladdens when the children sit round the table with a good appetite. You, too can experience the sweet and caring nature of Russian grandmother when you visit Mari Vanna, a restaurant that looks and feels as someone’s home where you are a dear guest. The food is of a down-to-earth, nourishing kind. A wonderful little place to get cosy Russian-style.



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Trendy and Gastronomic


A selection for those who appreciate simple yet sophisticated cuisine


DUO Gastro bar is an attractive tiny place in a central yet not crowded street in St Petersburg. It is famous for its cuisine – a duet of chefs Dimitry and Renat work magic behind the bar table – and for very reasonable prices for the fulfilling experience. Chef Dimitry likes to cook from simple good quality ingredients and he believes in preparing the meals fast. It is a lively and lovely place and we advise booking a week or two in advance for weekends and evenings.



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From the same chefs and owners as DUO, Tartarbar is perhaps even more imaginative a gastronomic spot in historic St Petersburg. The restaurant’s cuisine accentuates the abundance of fresh and raw fish and meat: steaks, carpaccio, tar-tar and tataki, plus good wines. A TripAdvisor review of a London traveller sums it up precisely: “A must go! Michelin quality food for an outrageously low price.” Visitors are recommended to book in advance – outstanding culinary adventure awaits.



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Perfectly grilled steak and wine – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In RED Steak & Wine you will be presented with a glorious selection of classic and alternative cuts on the menu as well as a good variety of wines to choose from. The meat is fantastic: well-cooked or rare, steak or burger – just the way you like it. For parents with kids there is a pleasant bonus of a play room. This is the place to rejoice and to be carried away on the waves of soft jazz to the rumbling stomach’s delight.



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Special and Experimental


Picked for gourmet individuals and couples who want to try something extraordinary


EM restaurant looks like a dining room: a friendly open space where chefs cook and guests eat. They only do set menus, however, these are adjusted to guests’ preferences, and this is why vegans and vegetarians will find this place a real gem. Chef Olesya D. creates a new set each month exploring local flavours and delicate combinations of tastes; a typical weekend for her is a trip to the countryside to collect wild herbs for the kitchen. Everything from coffee to desserts is cooked on an AGA-cooker, a modern version of a traditional Russian oven. A truly gratifying experience!



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Molto Buono (Italian: Very Good) is a warm and welcoming place where the owners are professional experts in wine and wine fans – they will be happy to advice on the best one to choose. The food is prepared so as to better present the taste of the wine. Desert menu is delicious – you may find your favourite classic or choose to be surprised by a chef’s invention. A harmonious blend of food and drink sets the scene for a heavenly romantic evening.



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Drawing on traditional Russian cuisine Moroshka (“Cloudberry”) for Pushkin presents a modern menu for degustation. Dim lights, minimalist Scandinavia design and only seven tables create an impression of a small forest glade at dusk, enigmatic and cool. The cuisine is artisan, not of a bold and sparkling kind but rather of a subtle, almost poetic character to please your palate. The restaurant is not widely advertised; we advise to call them in advance and to follow the guidance on finding it.


Delicacies from around the world


When you feel the desire to taste real Italy, India or Georgia in cosmopolitan St Petersburg


Vino Di Vino surrounds you with a romantic candle-lit atmosphere and gently transports you to sunny Italy – Italian chefs and Italian kitchen brigade share the best culinary traditions of Italy, Italian hospitality, Italian wine and Italian design… you get it. The restaurant is located a bit off centre – although, still very close to St Petersburg’s main attractions, if compared to Rome – it can be a great option when you visit Grand Maket Russia which is located in just 20 minutes’ walk.



If you are looking for an authentic Indian bar, grill and curry, exceptional vegetarian or halal dining experience, Oh! Mumbai is the best place to go. The Chef Manzil comes from New Delhi bringing with him the art of Indian cooking. The taste of traditional food has been adapted to Russian taste and the food is less fiery-spicy but the subtle combination of spices and flavours, oh! It will delight you. Oh! Mumbai is a welcoming place for all to savour Indian food and relax in a homely atmosphere.  



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For all who wish to celebrate a special occasion or those who want to make the day special, Mindal (“Almonds”) Café on Angliyskaya Embankment is a satisfying find. This traditional Georgian restaurant is located in three rooms of a historic mansion, an elegant and quiet setting to enjoy hearty Georgian food. A beautiful view on Neva River and St Petersburg opens up from its windows and a summer terrace. It is a cosy place to spend an evening together with your partner or to visit with the whole family; for the youngest guests there is a play room.



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Nice and Smart


For the smart and the nice, for business and romantic partners


Set on the rooftop of a business centre next to Tavrichesky Garden, Blok is an elegant restaurant which celebrates Russian Province cuisine with a varied and multi-choice menu. The kitchen team is partial to excellent quality meat dishes: from steaks and cutlets to burgers, they come baked, stewed, roasted, raw, beef-stroganoff style and in dumplings, hot spicy and tenderly sweet. Seafood lovers and vegetarian gourmets will find something to suit their taste, too. Inside the restaurant is a wild, rampant eclectic of colourful splashes of furniture and sparkling lights of chandeliers. This is an avant-garde choice with Kandinsky and Malevich on the walls and nicely dressed smiling guests around the tables.



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Cococo restaurant is a fun modern Russian cuisine restaurant which plays with well-known recipes and overturns stereotypes. Using farm produce and seasonal ingredients, the kitchen team crafts crazy, unforgettable contemporary Russian cuisine. Combinations of velvet and wood, gold and china, dark patterns and mirrors create an exquisite and at the same time casual ambiance. A lot of noise, a lot of funky drive and overall upbeat feel – such is the typical dinner at Cococo.



In ten minutes’ walk from the Peter and Paul fortress you will find a respectable fine-dining restaurant Probka (the Cork). The cuisine is classic Italian with a French influence and chef’s inventions such as the signature truffle burger. Quality local produce is used, including vegetables, poultry, dairy products and honey. The restaurant’s style is very open: from a high-tech open kitchen to friendly waiters who will be glad to tell you more about the menu and help you choose. Guest is truly a king here and you may notice how easy it is to feel indulgent and comfortable in Probka.



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A creation of the same restaurateur as “Probka”, a charming Jerome restaurant has a similar cuisine of simple and light Italian food, yet it can still surprise you. Here the kitchen team was given even more space to express creativity and to suit every guest’s wish: exquisite sweet and sour grilled duck or a plain omelette if that’s your craving will be prepared equally delicious. All this will be accompanied with a great wine and set in the walking distance from St Petersburg’s iconic sights.



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Cosy and Warm


Homely places to visit for a good mood food portion


Family restaurant Gusi-Lebedi (Geese-Swans, named after Russian a fairy-tale) is a feast of home-made and genuine Russian meals in a cosy atmosphere of a 19th century merchant’s house: plush armchairs, tiled fireplace, tea, baranki-bagels and Kustodiev paintings. Traditional Russian meal of that time and until today is lavish and abundant, and on the menu you will find plenty delicious options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Little guests can be entertained in a cosy playroom with toys and games.



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A well-known place for locals of a historic Petrogradskaya (Northern) part of the city, Pirosmani is a dreamy lively restaurant which imitates a Georgian village. Guests can be seated in arbour-like private rooms or on a small floating island with a view on a fountain and mysterious bas-reliefs. The food is hearty and flavoursome, and the portions are generous. Stained glass artworks and paintings, dim lights and live music on the evenings tell tales of Georgia and invite friends and families to a pleasant evening with a conversation flowing over glasses (or bottles) of house wine.



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Pkhali-Khinkali is a family of Georgian cuisine restaurants in the city, of which the one on Bolshaya Morskaya is the most well-known. The food is really, seriously good, there is a huge variety of flavours and tastes on the menu and sofas are so comfortable and soft that we will understand if you have a dream of napping there after a satisfying and fulfilling meal. The place is a good-mood generator, and many Russian friends and families go there to celebrate birthdays or to simply have a fun time together, so the place is always packed with people.



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Rooftop and Panoramic



A selection for romantics: great food and marvellous views of beautiful St Petersburg



Panoramic restaurant Mansarda (The Attic) offers excellent fusion cuisine and a beautiful bright space to marvel at the golden dome of St Isaacs Cathedral and roofs of central St Petersburg. Well-thought cuisine is a delight, from amazing traditional Russian Schi soup to seafood of which huge delicious oysters are the highlight. Sitting by the window you can enjoy the grand view; people-watching comes as a bonus: many well-dressed gentlemen habitually visit the place.



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Especially on a sunny day the Terrace restaurant is a great choice for lunch. Guests can sit outside and enjoy the view on Kazansky Cathedral and central St Petersburg which opens up before them. The menu includes highlights from Far-East, Russian and Mediterranean cuisines and there are some imaginative cocktails as playful and light as the mood in the place. The restaurant is popular, especially in summer, so booking a table in advance is advised to sit outdoors. 



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Located on the 6th floor of a shopping mall in the centre of the city Gastronomica is a colourful and welcoming restaurant with fantastic food. The highlight of the restaurant is a spacious open kitchen, a stage for a young talented chef Vladimir and his team to prepare traditional and contemporary Russian meals – as we mentioned in the overview of Food and Drink in Russia, sushi has since long been included in the local culinary tradition. In summer the open terrace is a romantic oasis with a stunning view over the busy Nevsky prospect while in winter guests feel cosy underneath a glass roof. Food, music and friendly staff are a stunning combo!





In a multi-storey building that has been converted from a bakery factory there is now a hip creative space Loft Project Etazhi (Floors) filled with designer clothes, quirky handmade jewellery and decor, art galleries, tiny take-away food booths and a magnificent open roof with a view of the city. On the last floor there is a lovely cafe Zelenaya Komnata (Green Room) which is perfect for sharing a leisurely lunch with friends. You’ll find many vegetarian dishes on the menu such as a pumpkin soup, falafel and a hot pie with cherry filling with a scoop of ice cream.



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At the heart of the city there is a magic house of art and colourful artisan glass where there is always something going on: art exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Once you climb to the top floor by a maze of stairs you discover a romantic getaway, the Artist’s Attic. Their speciality is a classic Swiss fondue and homemade ice cream. The place lives and breathes Art: art of great food with ingredients straight from Sennoy food market, paintings and sketches on the walls and music. In summer you can book a table on an open terrace with the Griboedov channel view decorated with flowers.



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