Getting Russia by Train

Getting Russia by Train


Russia has multiple efficient high-speed rail connections with Europe. Cross from continental Europe by Warsaw Polonez train or by Paris-Moscow express. There are also direct connections with Tallinn and Helsinki.

 Getting to Russia by Train



London to Moscow via Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw


This is an all-rail journey across Europe which uses regional trains.  


Day 1: Take the train from London to Berlin with two changes in Brussels and Cologne. If you start travelling in the morning, you will arrive late in the evening as the journey takes approximately 9 hours.

Day 2: Take a morning train to Warsaw. In less than 7 hours you will have reached the capital of Poland. In Warsaw, take a “Polonez” night express and arrive to Moscow the following afternoon.

“Polonez” arrives at Moscow “Belorussky” train station, from which you can take an underground ride to the city from Belorusskaya metro station (circle and green line) located next to the railway station.


Train station in Russia



London to Moscow via Paris  

 Train from Paris to Moscow


The Trans-European Express is an epic train experience, and despite being on the expensive side, it has its own once-in-a-lifetime special charm. The train goes right across Europe from Paris to Moscow, covering a distance of 2639 km (1680 miles). In 1.5 days on board the train, you will see 5 countries: France, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia.



A train bridge

Relax in one of the comfortable sleeping cars as the rumbling of the train lulls you to sleep, visit a restaurant car and observe the changing landscapes. Your privacy is guaranteed by separate air-conditioned cabins and the relatively low volume of these journeys – trains run once per week.


Travel from London to St Petersburg and Moscow from Finland


  • Helsinki to St Petersburg with Allegro express

 Allegro express


The fastest way to get from Helsinki to St Petersburg by train is to board an “Allegro” high-speed train – it takes 3.5 hours to travel between the cities. At times, the speed of the train will reach 220 km per hour (136.7 in miles equivalent); time passes quickly.


Facilities on board:

  • Toilets;
  • WiFi;
  • Individual sockets to charge mobile devices;
  • Restaurant car serving Finnish and Russian meals and snacks – pay in cash (euros and roubles are accepted) or by card;
  • Currency exchange service;
  • Hot and cold drinking water taps;
  • Facilities for passengers with limited mobility;
  • Children's play area (carriage number 7).


Passport and customs control takes place on board the train. Finnish customs officials will perform the inspections on the Helsinki – Vainikkala (border station) leg of the journey, while Russian officials will visit all coaches after the train departs from Vyborg station. Travellers find the procedure efficient and quick – indeed, it is a little bit more convenient to remain seated instead of standing in a line in an airport.


There are four daily Allegro departures and the tickets can be purchased here.


The train will arrive at “Finlyandskiy” railway station in St Petersburg. Within 3 minutes’ walk, you can get to “Ploshchad Lenina" metro station (red line) and continue on to your city destination.


 Allegro express


  • Helsinki to Moscow by Tolstoy night train


Helsinki to Moscow train


Book a place on a night “Tolstoy” train from Helsinki to Moscow for a pleasant change from flying. This train departs on weekday evenings and arrives in Moscow the next morning.


  • You can choose to travel business class, first class or second class.
  • In business class, you get a private single or double compartment with en-suite facilities and a TV.
  • First-class passengers travel in cabins with two beds, while toilet and shower facilities are shared at the end of the carriage.
  • Second class carriages have cabins with 4 berths in each.
  • All carriages are equipped with a climate control system.


You can book your tickets with Visit Russia here.


In Moscow, the train arrives at “Leningradsky” train station. The entrance to the underground is located just opposite the railway station. Go straight ahead across the arrivals hall, exit onto the street and then descend to the underground passage to enter the underground at Komsomolskaya metro station (circle and red line).


Travel from London to St Petersburg and Moscow from Estonia


  • Tallinn to St Petersburg


The trains depart from Tallinn every afternoon, and in 7 hours, you will have reached St Petersburg central railway station “Moskovsky” – Nevsky Prospect is 2 minutes’ walk away and “Ploshchad Vosstaniya” metro station (red line) is in the same building as the railway station.


In the train you will find:

  • 1st class sleeping compartments with cabins for two people;
  • 2nd class sleeping compartment with cabins for four places;
  • Shared sleeping compartment with 38 places on bunk beds;
  • Sitting compartment;
  • Toilet facilities;
  • Hot meal and hot water facilities to make as many cups of tea as you like.


Reserve your seat at this page.

coupe room in the train


  • Tallinn to Moscow by night train


The train leaves Tallinn in the afternoon and you arrive at Moscow Leningrad station next morning.

  • Choose your places in cabins, on bunk beds or seats;
  • 1st class cabins for two people can be booked for one or a couple;
  • 2nd class cabins have space for four people;
  • Open sleeping carriage has 45 places on bunk beds.


Reserve your place on board at this page.

conductor of the russian rail service

To conclude the overview of Europe-Russia train connections, we recommend train travel as an alternative to flying, either for the whole length of your journey across Europe or just part of it. Not only will people fascinated by trains enjoy this way to travel to Russia, but also families or groups of friends will find this option convenient. Especially if you book a cabin for your group, the trip can actually cost you less compared to a flight. For those who prefer to travel during the night, perhaps with several bags filled with all your necessary trip equipment, the night express offers a valuable opportunity to unwind in the comfort of an individual cabin with fresh linen, towels and breakfast.


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