Sim-Cards in Russia

Sim-Cards in Russia

Using mobile phones in Russia

When you make calls and use mobile Internet in Russia, you will pay an international roaming fee. This can be quite expensive.


It’s a good idea to purchase a local SIM card to stay connected and save money at the same time. This will also allow you to use WiFi in restaurants and other public spaces – as a safety measure, only guests with Russian numbers can log in to public WiFi networks.


Get your SIM card at kiosks in airports and railway stations. When you buy your SIM card, you will be asked for proof of identity – national ID or passport – such is the law in Russia, both for tourists and locals.


The most popular operators are Beeline, Megafon and MTC (pronounced MTS), offering similar packages. MTC has a red logo, Beeline – yellow, Megafon – green, like traffic lights.


Russian mobile network tariffs and packages are quite affordable. Below are some good-value packages you can choose from:

  • Beeline Unlimited – unlimited Internet supporting high-definition videos and 500 minutes of calls across Russia per month for ₽ 20 (~ £0.25) per day;
  • Megafon Vklychaisya (Russian: Switch On) Unlimited – unlimited Internet and 700 minutes of calls all over Russia for ₽ 650 per month (~ £7.50);
  • MTC Tariffische (Russian: Huge Tariff) – unlimited Internet and 500 minutes of calls all over Russia, also for ₽ 650 per month (~ £7.50).