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Russian to English or English to Russian translations
Whether you need an official certificate translated or a personal letter, a 100-page technical manual or a short email, we provide a personalised Russian translation service within a quick turn-around time.
For your official documents, there are special rules and various levels of authorised translation for use by government and non-governmental bodies in both Britain and Russia. We guide you through the process and help you understand the particular level you may need. For example:
  • Certified Russian translation service – You’ll generally need this level of service if your translation is to be used by a formal non-governmental organisation, such as a university, employer or insurance provider,
  • Notarised Russian translation - Formal government organisations (except the Home Office) and legal bodies usually require a notarised translation. Notarisation is a more formal process than certification, and verifies the authenticity of the translation.
  • Legal Russian translation/apostille - An apostille is a certificate authenticating the origin of a public document, issued by an authority designated by the country where the document was issued.
  • Sworn Russian Translation - A sworn translation may be necessary for official documents intended to be used abroad in a court of law

Why should you choose us?

  • Specialised, dedicated and in-house - where other translation agencies offer a wider, less specialised service, we only focus on Russian, meaning we can offer every type of English-Russian and Russian-English translation you could possibly ask for!
  • We are 'preferred' by, and work closely with, the Russian Embassy in London (the Embassy is just around the corner from our offices). This means we have access to the full Russian government and civil service network, for a faster, more efficient service.
  • We also have close ties with Russia’s Trade Delegation. Although we can’t intervene on your behalf, we can offer advice and assistance based on our deep understanding of how things work in Russia and our extensive range of contacts.
  • Our experience of dealing with the Russian authorities means we don’t just offer basic translation services – we provide support and advice too, with a full range of services for Russian and British businesses, including travel and accommodation, and visa applications
  • And of course we offer a swift, confidential and friendly service that’s available seven days a week at a price you can afford. We are based in London and you are always welcome to come in for a chat!
And for our Russian customers who may be looking to do business with, or come and live in Great Britain, we work with the Russian Embassy here in London and the British authorities to make sure all your translation needs are met.
Of course, we don’t just have commercial customers; our services are available to individuals, schools, charities … anyone who needs material translating from one language to the other!

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For all your translation needs, there’s only one place to go – the Russian National Tourist Office, your first choice for Russian translations because we speak your language.


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