Yamal Peninsula summer migration

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10 Dec 2021

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Yamal Peninsula summer migration

This trip takes guests to the Yamal Peninsula in Arctic Siberia. Yamal’s name means “Edge of the World” in the language of the Nenets, nomadic reindeer herders who have preserved the most traditional and colourful culture of any nomadic group on the planet. Living in reindeer-fur teepees, dressed in reindeer fur clothes, eating raw reindeer meat and sacrificing reindeer to the gods of their ancient animistic religion, these people migrate hundreds of kilometres each year on hand-made, wooden, reindeer-drawn sledges in search of grazing. No tougher way of live has ever existed or will ever exist. On this trip guests will live with a family of Nenets in their teepee and fully immerse themselves in the daily life of the camp.

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